chris - drums & backing vocals


The last member to join the King Loud family was Chris, aka "Stretch". Being the oldest member of the band, many of his body parts have now worn out, and gigs are often interrupted between numbers as he needs to relubricate with WD40.


Stretch has been playing drums for over 30 years now and his list of credits in the music world is endless....Quo, Black Sabbath, Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake....he has been known to play "air drums" or "steering wheel bongos" alongside many of these celebrated artists whilst driving to his day job as a session drummer for Justin Bieber.


Some are incredulous at his statement of experience, as he surely doesn't look old enough to have been playing for over 30 years; but others say that he should be a much better drummer after such a lengthy career.


Stretch currently owns two drumkits: a Pearl Vision VB with Pearl hardware and a Mapex Horizon jazz kit. Both kits use predominantly Zildjian A Custom cymbals and his preferred sticks are Vic Firth 5A Nylon Tip with Vic Grip for ultimate weight, bounce and maximum grip. He owns around 15 cymbals of varying sizes and his ultimate ambition is to find enough room to set them all up at once! He also owns a cowbell but until his fellow band members agree to cover Honky Tonk Women it will sadly never get used!

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