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Growing up in the back streets of Wavertree was never going to be easy, but that was of no concern to Loz, being raised as he was in the sleepy town of Chesham. One fateful Thursday evening when, glued to Top of The Pops, life changed forever courtesy of The Teardrop Explodes and the video that went with their song “Reward”.


Loz rushed upstairs to try and build the whole of the Liverpool Docks in Lego to re-enact the video, but alas he was only able to complete a couple of spindly lighting towers and a very small crane. There was only one thing for it, and in the dead of night, he snuck east on his trusty £79 Halfords Espada bike and headed to Denmark, dreaming of sackfulls of plastic bricks...


Days went past, and ever eastwards he pedalled (Apart from the bits on ferries) until eventually luck ran out in the village of Hvalsø, where due to issues with metric European inner tubes not fitting in his trusty imperial English wheels.


It wasn’t long until the driver of a shiny black coach saw our bedraggled hero walking dustily along the road, and pulled over to offer him a lift. Gratefully, Loz clambered aboard, to be greeted by several disreputable looking gentlemen in various states of consciousness, and a few groupie type ladies, gazing with apparent boredom out of the windows.


“Hi” said the most alert of the sleepy rabble, “I’m Lemmy, and this is my band Motorhead”. There were grunts from the others, including a nod from a friendly looking roadie (See Daryl’s page). They were on the way to Copenhagen, to play a gig at the now legendary Hjørne Hus venue.


“What’s that?” Asked Loz, as Lemmy opened a black flight case. “That, my lad, is a Rickenbacker Bass Guitar”.


“Oooo” said Loz, impressed.


A few days later, somewhere in Belgium, Loz reached into his unspeakable bag to remove the new cassette of The Stranglers “The Raven” album that he’d purchased from Our Price in Stuttgart, and settled down to listen on his terrible cheap Saisho personal stereo. Soon, “Genetix” started.


“Ere, Lemmy”, said Loz “That’s a corking bass line”. Lemmy donned the headphones and listened, and after a couple of minutes said that “it was alright”. He then mumbled something about needing more Jack Daniels, and made his excuses.


That night, while Lemmy was asleep, Loz plugged in his bass to have a little go. The melodic tunes from “The Raven” fresh in the young lad’s head. After some fumblings, he realised that the Stranglers stuff might be a bit ambitious, and settled instead for “Gary Gilmour’s Eyes” by The Adverts. The friendly roadie was awakened from his slumber and came over to have a word...


It turned out that due to excessive “high living”, Lemmy was often unavailable come stage time, and for years, road crew members had been standing in, unnoticed by the crowd due to the cunning use of joke-shop moustaches and raisins glued to the face with Pritt-stick glue. Loz was offered the role of a stand-in Lemmy for the rest of the tour.


The tour wobbled and lurched around Europe until they finished up at Hammersmith. He then bought his own bass, the Fender Precision of Jean Jacques Burnel being the weapon of choice.


Gradually, he learned the tricky songs one at a time, and, with some new confidence joined a couple of bands until it was time to try his luck out in a band of his own.


On line advert searches took place, until a promising looking advert for a “High Wycombe based guitarist, model and general breaker of hearts” was spied. A meet-up down the pub was arranged on the back of the subsequent phone call.


And so here we are, on a summer evening, outside the Nags Head in Sunset

Boulevard... Loz steps through the door and into the gloom. He spies the most likely looking guitar player from the patrons there that night, and walks across.


There is a flicker of recognition between the two gentlemen, as the hazy memories of that summer slowly come back to life.


“Daryl?” Says Loz.


“Loz?” Says Daryl


“Hey man, it’s really you! How’s Lemmy?” asks Loz.


“Which one?” Replies Daryl. They fall about laughing, and King Loud is born.

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