sunny - rhythm guitar

Hailing from the mean streets of Las Vegas, Sunny was raised by showgirls Summer and Daphne. At the age of five he was admitted to rehab for his alcohol addiction, and it was here he first got his hands on a guitar. It was obvious this kid was going to make it big. After being discharged from rehab in 2005, Sunny was strumming along with music’s greats, a line up which includes Britney Spears, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj.


He later moved to England where he has auditioned for the X Factor twice but was unsuccessful on both occasions. Sunny says he "doesn’t care because that show is for d*cks anyway innit!"


Sunny has written music for several hit movies, such as Booty Babes Vol. 465.


He continued to pursue his career as a guitarist and later met with Daryl and Laurence, and King Loud was formed. Here he has established himself as Lord of the King Loud Honda Jazz and one of the greatest rhythm guitarist the World has ever seen.


He currently lives in his nan's garage.


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